15 Years Ago: Corrosion of Conformity release ‘In the Arms of God’

There’s little doubt I’m in the minority when it comes to my favorite Corrosion of Conformity album. While “Albatross” from 1994’s Deliverance is one of my top songs of all time, front to back, I always return to 2000’s America’s Volume Dealer. Many longtime fans were put off by the deeper dive into Southern rock, but I thought it meshed perfectly with their sludge sound.

That’s why when the follow-up, 2005’s In the Arms of God, went back to the heavier stoner rock roots, I was initially put off, to the point where it took me years to get into it properly. Now with a decade-and-a-half hindsight, it’s right up there on the top shelf with the best of their work in my eyes, and I took a look back at the LP for Ultimate Classic Rock today on the occasion of it’s 15th anniversary.

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