Roundtable: Metallica in the ’80s v. Metallica in the ’90s

Following on the heels of last week's Rush roundtable, I sat down with some of my esteemed colleagues over at Ultimate Classic Rock to talk about Metallica. Specifically, we broke down whether the band was better in the '80s or the '90s and why. Both periods had their merits, with the Cliff Burton era coming... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell should've turned 56 today. Not "would've" - should've. Crippled by depression, he took his own life three Mays ago at 52. It was so incredibly unexpected, heartbreaking and brutal. That day sticks with me like the JFK assassination does for boomers. Seriously - it was that intense and I'll never, ever forget the... Continue Reading →

Wrestlemania 1: Where Are They Now?

The 36th iteration of Wrestlemania takes place this weekend, and due to the absolutely bonkers state of affairs in the world currently, it's going to take place for the first time without an audience. Over at Ultimate Classic Rock, I took a look at the first time the pro wrestling showcase took place, at Madison... Continue Reading →

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