10 Years Ago: Adele Blocks Van Halen from No. 1

One of the neverending arguments in rock and roll remains the one over who was the best lead singer for Van Halen: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar. When it comes to the Red Rocker, his supporters never shy from pointing out that Diamond Dave never had a number one album with the group, while Sammy had four consecutively.

Back in 2012, with Roth back in the fold, it looked like he’d at least have one studio album in the chart topping column. Van Halen were riding high on the 2007/2008 reunion tour and A Different Kind of Truth, the first studio album with their original frontman in 29 years, was hotly anticipated. Unfortunately, nobody factored in Adele, nor the massive night the UK songstress was going to have at that year’s Grammy Awards, a chart bump for her mega-selling 21 initially reflected the same week the new VH debuted on the charts.

There was also a matter of the first single from A Different Kind of Truth, “Tattoo,” which in retrospect not only didn’t help matters, but likely hurt the sales of the record. Head over to Ultimate Classic Rock where I break it all down.

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