Tonight! Tune into ‘Talkin’ Van Halen’ at 8pm

The fine folks over at Johnny Beane TV are going to have me on this evening at 8:00pm on their program Talkin' Van Halen to discuss my upcoming book Van Halen: The Eruption and the Aftershock, which comes out next Wednesday, Oct. 6. Tune into the show live or catch it on the replay. It's... Continue Reading →

Talking ‘Van Halen: The Eruption and the Aftershock’ on ‘Halenville Live!’

Last week, the guys over at Halenville Live! had me on to discuss my upcoming book, Van Halen: The Eruption and the Aftershock. It was a lengthy conversation that any Van Halen fan will find enjoyable as everyone on the show is a huge fan of the band - including myself! You can watch the... Continue Reading →

KISS Resume ‘End of the Road’ Tour

Kiss┬áresumed their End of the Road tour last night at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Mass. more than 17 months since the last show of the trek, with this current leg having been interrupted and significantly rerouted since it was first announced in Dec. 2019 due to┬áCOVID-19. The band showed little signs of rust though,... Continue Reading →

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