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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my cozy corner of the vast online universe. The Chronicles of Michael Christopher is a narrative on the goings on I find interesting. It might be photos, memories and always serves as a hub with links to my published articles.

Music shapes my world, it’s what I primarily write about for a variety of publications. I’m a senior writer for Vanyaland, a columnist for The Daily Times , syndicated writer for Media News Group and a regular contributor to outlets like LA Weekly, Diffuser, Loudwire and Ultimate Classic Rock. I also appear on various radio and television programs to discuss the latest in music and pop culture. In the past I’ve written for the Boston Phoenix, Boston Magazine, PopMatters and Rockpile.

My first book, Depeche Mode: All That’s Left to Know About the World’s Finest Synth-Pop Band, was published in December 2020 as part of the acclaimed FAQ series from Backbeat Books, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield. Currently my second book, Van Halen: The Eruption and the Aftershock, is in production with a scheduled fall 2021 release.

I also love to travel and see how different cultures live and experience the world outside of the United States. The past few years have included China, Nicaragua, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Iceland. The latter I return to each fall for their annual Iceland Airwaves music festival.

Poke around, check out some of my posts and leave some feedback. I truly hope you find some of it enjoyable and interesting.

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