Roundtable: The Last Great, Last Good and First Bad Iron Maiden Album

Iron Maiden are one of the most consistent bands when it comes to putting out solid albums, but they've had some that weren't quite top shelf and others one could consider straight up clunkers. Earlier this week, over at Ultimate Classic Rock, a group of us got together to put forth our thoughts on the... Continue Reading →

15 Years Ago: Corrosion of Conformity release ‘In the Arms of God’

There's little doubt I'm in the minority when it comes to my favorite Corrosion of Conformity album. While "Albatross" from 1994's Deliverance is one of my top songs of all time, front to back, I always return to 2000's America's Volume Dealer. Many longtime fans were put off by the deeper dive into Southern rock,... Continue Reading →

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