Mötley Crüe Movie ‘The Dirt’ Lands on Netflix

The Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt premiered on Netflix one week ago, and I’ve been busy doing multiple instances of coverage for it. First up is a review of the film I did. Is it worth checking out? How is the acting? Is it a possible Oscar dark horse (spoiler: it’s not)? How much was left out? All those questions are answered in the Vanyaland piece.

Speaking of what was left out, there’s quite a bit – including the last 20 years or so of the band’s existence.  Literally a dozen spouses, a pair of sex tapes, official bandmembers and much, much more are missing. Over at Ultimate Classic Rock, I look at 10 people and events left out of the flick.

Finally, it’s nothing new for a film to be panned by critics but beloved by mainstream audiences. One week since The Dirt hit Netflix, there’s quite the disparity between the two groups if you look at Rotten Tomatoes.  I explored the split for The Daily Times, looking at the criticisms and praise from each side.

Here’s the official trailer for The Dirt:

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