Roundtable: Do Motley Crue Owe Fans an Apology for Reuniting?

When Motley Crue announced they would be reuniting last week, less than four years after the last date of their much-hyped "Final Tour," some people weren't surprised; after all, look at how many bands have said farewell, only to come back for a money grab reunion. But there were many hardcore fans of the Crue... Continue Reading →

Mötley Crüe Movie ‘The Dirt’ Lands on Netflix

The Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt premiered on Netflix one week ago, and I've been busy doing multiple instances of coverage for it. First up is a review of the film I did. Is it worth checking out? How is the acting? Is it a possible Oscar dark horse (spoiler: it's not)? How much was... Continue Reading →

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