30 Years Ago: Soundgarden Give Hard Rock a ‘Badmotorfinger’

The breakthrough LP from Soundgarden, 1991's Badmotorfinger, could very well be the heaviest to come out of the grunge era. From Kim Thayil's guitar seemingly always at a steady boil to the screech of Chris Cornell's caterwaul, it was full of the sound that defined an entire generation. A few years back, for the now... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell should've turned 56 today. Not "would've" - should've. Crippled by depression, he took his own life three Mays ago at 52. It was so incredibly unexpected, heartbreaking and brutal. That day sticks with me like the JFK assassination does for boomers. Seriously - it was that intense and I'll never, ever forget the... Continue Reading →

The MC News Repository [Nov. ’17]

November ended up being a fairly light month, mainly because I spent half of it in Iceland. My annual trip there begins with the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, coverage of which can be found after the jump. There were also some anniversary pieces for both Diffuser and Loudwire. Getting right down to it... The beginning... Continue Reading →

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