Happy Birthday Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell should’ve turned 56 today. Not “would’ve” – should’ve. Crippled by depression, he took his own life three Mays ago at 52. It was so incredibly unexpected, heartbreaking and brutal. That day sticks with me like the JFK assassination does for boomers. Seriously – it was that intense and I’ll never, ever forget the early morning hours when the messages began flowing in over and over and over on my phone.

Today, the estate of Cornell released a previously unheard cover where he took on the Guns N’ Roses somber classic “Patience.” The song joins the legions of unexpected interpretations he would do over the years, from John Lennon’s “Imagine” to a wildly bizarre melding of U2’s “One” with Metallica’s song of the same name.

I’ve written some personal things about my feelings on Cornell’s death for Vanyaland, and here on this blog. None of this is new. It’s just me thinking aloud about a life lost way too soon.

Featured photo by Meeno Peluce.

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