30 Years Ago: Soundgarden Give Hard Rock a ‘Badmotorfinger’

The breakthrough LP from Soundgarden, 1991’s Badmotorfinger, could very well be the heaviest to come out of the grunge era. From Kim Thayil’s guitar seemingly always at a steady boil to the screech of Chris Cornell’s caterwaul, it was full of the sound that defined an entire generation.

A few years back, for the now defunct Diffuser, I dug into the 1992 reissue of the record, specifically for the inclusion of the limited edition SOMMS EP. Now, I’ve drilled down into all the intricacies of the full work for Ultimate Classic Rock, which can be found here. Not only are now classics like “Outshined” and “Rusty Cage” looked at, the latter a classic video that quickly transcended MTV’s Headbangers Ball program which I’ve included below, but why the album was delayed by a couple weeks and what inspired the now iconic front cover logo.

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