The MC News Repository [Nov. ’17]

November ended up being a fairly light month, mainly because I spent half of it in Iceland. My annual trip there begins with the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, coverage of which can be found after the jump. There were also some anniversary pieces for both Diffuser and Loudwire.

Getting right down to it…

The beginning of the month signaled the 25th anniversary of Rage Against the Machine’s epic, self-titled debut. I talked about it for Diffuser.

Jesse Fink has written a stellar new book called Bon: The Last Highway – The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC’s Back in Black. It’s a fascinating read, detailing the final years of the legendary AC/DC frontman, what he may or may not contributed to the band’s landmark album and the enduring mystery surrounding his death. I sat down with Fink to talk about all of it for Ultimate Classic Rock.

Twenty years ago, Metallica were looking for a place to play a free show for the fans and Philadelphia ended up being the city. It wasn’t easy to pull off of course, but I was there and looked back on all the messy details it took to make it happen at the last minute for Ultimate Classic Rock.

Several weeks back, I sat down with Corrosion of Conformity frontman Pepper Keenan before the band opened up for Danzig in New Hampshire. We talked about his return to the group and the album slated for release early next year. It would be a little bit before the record’s title and date No Cross No Crown would hit shelves was announced, but when it was, Loudwire ran the interview.

The aforementioned Iceland Airwaves featured bands from all around the world descending upon the tiny country near the Arctic Circle, and I covered all the highlights for The Daily Times. There’s a Spotify playlist of some of the artists as well which can be accessed by clicking the link.

Fifteen years ago, the core members of Rage Against the Machine were looking for a singer when Zack de la Rocha split the band, and Chris Cornell was the perfect fit. Over at Diffuser, the anniversary was acknowledged of what turned out to be the supergroup Audioslave’s debut.

Finally, the month closed out with the 35th anniversary of Sammy Hagar’s solo album Three Lock Box, which I looked at for Ultimate Classic Rock. That title track is still ridiculously good.

Desperado Released!

(Featured image is of Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant and bassist John Paul Jones)

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