Drab Majesty Talk Isolation, Sonic Evolution and Italian Food

Darkwave outfit Drab Majesty have been on my radar since hearing their song “Dot in the Sky” back in 2017. This year, I was able to see them twice live, interviewing the mastermind behind the curtain, Deb Demure between the shows. It was a bit of a journey for me in a way. Caught them in San Diego, chatted up Demure when I was in Iceland and saw them again in Boston a week later.

It was a bit of a weird run for the outfit, opening for goth punk rockers AFI, whose audience’s tastes don’t always align with those of frontman Davey Havok’s choices for support bands. Drab made it work though, hopefully converting a few fans in the process.

The talk with Demure – aka Andrew Clinco – was for a Vanyaland 617 Q&A, which are always a fun format to dive into. Check out the interview, and it will give further weight to the video below of the pair performing “Dot in the Sky” at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago, particularly playing among the Greco-Roman statues.

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