Iceland shuts down, but music continues

Just like the disastrous 12-month period that was 2020, music tours and festivals continue to get scuttled this year, including Iceland Airwaves, the annual event that brings international artists far and wide to Reykjavík, the world’s most Northernly capital just below the Arctic Circle. Last year, organizers of Airwaves presented “Live from Reykjavík,” a highly... Continue Reading →

69 to 99 Moving Finds: Part Three

This one wasn't really a "moving find" per se, since it's been hanging on my wall since returning from the first time I went to Iceland in 2011. Jón Sæmundur Auðarson is an Icelandic artist who created the Dead project in 2003, nine years after he was diagnosed HIV positive. The message behind Dead is... Continue Reading →

Soak Me To My Skin

I've always had an interesting relationship with the Stone Roses. Not that there was any snuggle time with Messrs. Brown and Squire; no, this was purely based on sonic love and lust. The band's 1989 debut is looked at - rightfully so - as their one-off masterpiece. Due to a much publicized court battle with... Continue Reading →

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