Talking with Brian Johnson About ‘Back in Black,’ His New Memoir and AC/DC’s 50th Anniversary

It’s not every day I get to sit and have a chat with the singer on the biggest selling rock album in music history. But Brian Johnson couldn’t have been more engaging as we covered a multitude of topics during a recent interview which is now available to read over at Metal Edge. The AC/DC singer discussed the conspiracy theories over the lyrics to Back in Black and rumors they were really written by Bon Scott, why his new memoir The Lives of Brian stops with his entry into the band and what his favorite track is by his predecessor.

What the article doesn’t touch on is a moment when I asked him about “Who Made Who,” the theme to the cult classic Maximum Overdrive film which came out in 1986. At one point Brian was singing the lyrics to the song and got stuck on a line. I chimed in and next thing you know we’re singing the chorus together.


If you had told me while I was drawing the AC/DC logo on my textbook covers in middle school, “Ya know, one day you’re going to duet with that guy for a bit,” I’d have said you were beyond out of your mind. Anyway, go check out the interview, which is actually a part one as there’s more from our conversation coming at a later date. And here’s the song the two of us were harmonizing so well on:

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