Aerosmith’s ‘Rocks’: A Track-by-Track Guide

Aerosmith had their breakthrough record in 1975 with Toys in the Attic, but it would be the next year’s follow-up, Rocks, that remains the fan favorite to this day among hardcore fans. It sees the Boston outfit at their most, well, rocking, on classics like “Back in the Saddle” and “Rats in the Cellar,” alongside deeper cuts like “Get the Lead Out” and “Nobody’s Fault.” Singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry had recently gotten addicted to heroin, but somehow both found the sweet spot at the same time before it crippled their lifestyle and creativity.

I broke the album down over at Ultimate Classic Rock, track-by-track, from the on the fly gimmicks used to get certain sound effects to the issues the group had with Perry taking vocals on the song “Combination.” Head here to check out the piece, and look below for a killer version of “Back in the Saddle” from 1977.

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