KISS Resume ‘End of the Road’ Tour

Kiss┬áresumed their End of the Road tour last night at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Mass. more than 17 months since the last show of the trek, with this current leg having been interrupted and significantly rerouted since it was first announced in Dec. 2019 due to┬áCOVID-19. The band showed little signs of rust though,... Continue Reading →

Aerosmith’s ‘Rocks’: A Track-by-Track Guide

Aerosmith had their breakthrough record in 1975 with Toys in the Attic, but it would be the next year's follow-up, Rocks, that remains the fan favorite to this day among hardcore fans. It sees the Boston outfit at their most, well, rocking, on classics like "Back in the Saddle" and "Rats in the Cellar," alongside... Continue Reading →

History: Van Halen at Cafe Wha?

"I am with the whole team right now. We want to know who you are writing for and where we can follow up and find your stories at. Are you on assignment or can you get assigned by one of your publications. Please let me know asap. Thanks" I received that message from Van Halen's... Continue Reading →

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