Aerosmith Meeting Obama to David Lee Roth Crashing a Wedding: Seven Reveals from Interviews with Vanyaland

Yesterday, as part of the 7th anniversary of Vanyaland celebration, I linked to a piece written for the online magazine about seven artists I personally think should be way, way more popular than they are. That was the first of two features I did for the landmark occasion, the second being seven revealing things I’ve been told during interviews in my time at Vanyaland.

Some of them are funny, like Kasabian’s Tom Meighan getting incredibly serious about his fear of clowns – which he didn’t find amusing at all by the way – to Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart telling me about the time he was hanging with David Lee Roth and witnessing the then-estranged Van Halen frontman crash a wedding in Boston. There was also the incident where The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy got supremely ticked off when we ran an exclusive about his band opening up for Guns N’ Roses when he knew finding out even the smallest nugget about the latter’s 2016 reunion was worthy of a headline.

Check out the piece for all the stories at ‘V7: 7 revealing things artists have said in Vanyaland interviews.’

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