Talking ‘Definitely Maybe’ by Oasis at 25 on Indie617

Those Gallagher brothers will never give up the ridiculousness. Today, Noel released his latest EP under the High Flying Birds moniker, This Is the Place. That’s exactly one week after his younger sibling Liam dropped a heavily promoted sophomore solo LP, Why Me? Why Not. Now they’re battling it out for the attention of fans the way Oasis used to battle Blur, which brings us to a somewhat more civil topic.

August 29 marked the 25th anniversary of the album that blew the doors open wide to Britpop, Definitely Maybe from Oasis. To mark the occasion I guested on Indie617‘s Morning Glory show with Michael Marotta to break down the importance of the record. We dug deep into the tracklisting, hitting B-sides and singles that weren’t even on the album.

Head over to the Indie617 site to read more about the talk and listen to all the segments in the Soundcloud player below.

Def Maybe

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