The MC News Repository [Sept. ’18]

Summer is over, school is in session and that means back-to-campus guides, album anniversaries and a whole lot of prepping for the fall. Read more of what September had in store after the jump.

Technically, one of these came out at the end of August, but it’s better to group them together. Over at The Daily Times, I worked up a two-part special on what students need this year heading back to college. First up was what to wear from head to toe¬†while staggering from class to class. The following week looked at the more practical dorm room necessities.

Mid-September marked the 27th anniversary of Ozzy Osbourne’s 1992¬†No More Tears LP, one of the highlights of his catalog in my opinion. I dug deep into it for Loudwire. Later in the month marked another milestone involving the Prince of Darkness, with his old band Black Sabbath and the 46th anniversary of Vol. 4, an album recorded under the influence of so much cocaine, you’ll catch a buzz just reading about the hi-jinks behind it, also for Loudwire.

More to come next month. Until then, it’s flu season – cover your cough for God’s sake!

Flu Season

[Featured image is David Bowie]

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