Master of ‘Is This Reality?’ Interviewing Tony Iommi

It's not every day you get to interview a veritable music legend, but that's what happened this week when I got the chance to sit down with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. One of the things I've not been doing lately is taking on that many feature assignments due to the tight deadline of my... Continue Reading →

Class of 1981: 81 Albums Turning 40 in 2021

Anniversaries are nothing new when it comes to music writing. It helps quite a bit during dry times when there isn't much else happening in the industry. That's been the case over the past several months due to the pandemic, and it will be for many more to come unfortunately. The silver lining is there's... Continue Reading →

The MC News Repository [Sept. ’18]

Summer is over, school is in session and that means back-to-campus guides, album anniversaries and a whole lot of prepping for the fall. Read more of what September had in store after the jump. Technically, one of these came out at the end of August, but it's better to group them together. Over at The... Continue Reading →

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