The MC News Repository [Aug. ’18]

The summer slow down is just about over. I’ve been hard at work on my first book, so it’s been a perfect time for it to be happening. Only a few pieces of note for August, a pair of galleries and a rumored reunion of a legendary rock and roll band.

Check it out after the jump.

Foo Fighters came to Fenway Park just in time for my birthday weekend back in late-July, where a group of about 10 of us got together to see it go down. Early August my photo gallery ran in Ultimate Classic Rock.

A couple weeks later, in the beginning of August, The Cult, Bush and Stone Temple Pilots brought the Revolution 3 Tour to town, so I cleared the memory card on the camera, jotted down the setlists and delivered a gallery and review, also for Ultimate Classic Rock.

Early August also saw the rumors of a new AC/DC album being recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia reach a fever pitch. I unpacked it all for The Daily Times, discussing the photos of the band which emerged, where it left interim singer Axl Rose and what the future may hold.

Check back next month for more…and beware the Russians!

Russians First

[Featured image is Elvis Presley]


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