[Some of] The Best Music of 2017 + A Bonus Track

Best of the year in music. Otherwise known as “Blah Blah Blah…Another Best of the Year in Music.” I’d really love to claim that this list is different than every other one out there, but the one thing I can say is it’s the one I came up with for 2017.

Playlist and a short descriptor after the jump.

There was so much incredible music this year – and every year – so for those who think the last good album was Steely Dan’s Aja, I beg to differ and offer some songs that indicate otherwise.

There’s a little bit of everything in here, some Britpop, Icelandic rock and brilliance from the States. Narrowing it down to 27 compositions [2017 minus the 01] proved difficult, leading me to include a bonus track. And given my OCD tendencies – especially when making playlists, I committed a cardinal sin in doubling up on one artist.

Noel Gallagher put out one of his best albums in 2017 – and that includes back to Oasis. The main song I put on there was “She Taught Me to Fly,” an upbeat as hell number which instantly grabs you. The more I dug into his new record though, there’s this absolutely stunning bonus track called “Dead In the Water.” The story behind it is amazing, where he had written the song just two hours before doing a radio session in Ireland, loved the sound of the room so much that he did it on the fly. It was luckily recorded, and blows me away every time I listen. You’ll find it at the end of the playlist below. Enjoy.

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