Exit BlackBranch MC, Enter MickChrysalis

As of today, my new Twitter handle is @mickchrysalis. This puts the final nail in the Black Branch Moonlight/BlackBranchMC social media casket I’ve been using for years. I stopped feeling it long ago and kept with it out of habit, waiting to redo it with something that fit…better I suppose.

So where did this one come from?

“Mick” is the name my grandfather called me for my entire life. Last month, he would’ve turned 88 years of age, and it was on his birthday that this handle suddenly came to me. “Chrysalis” is sometimes defined as something in the process of development, which doesn’t really need further explanation. I’ve been going by Mick Chris when DJing for a few years now, and this combination continues to play on that.

“BlackBranchMC” and “Black Branch Moonlight” was this somewhat convoluted idea of seeing the moonlight through the black branches of a tree in the winter time. It still resonates, and maybe down the road, it will reveal itself differently and take on another form. Now, I’ve got something requiring less explanation that makes more sense.


Pop MC
My grandfather and I on some random Christmas in the late-90s. My shirt? Velvet.

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