40 Years After the Breakup, What Have the Members of Led Zeppelin Done?

Forty years ago today, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin declared they would officially be breaking up, a little over two months removed from the untimely passing of drummer John Bonham on September 25, 1980 at the age of 32. Each of the surviving members – singer Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones and guitarist Jimmy Page – would eventually find their way back to music at their own pace.

Over at Ultimate Classic Rock, I wrote a fairly extensive piece on the roads each of the musicians took in the four decades since the decision was made to call it a day. Obviously Plant had a very fruitful solo career while Page did a collaborative few projects, but really focused on being the most faithful to preserving the Zeppelin legacy. Jones did some really interesting things behind the scenes, producing and arranging for a host of artists from Ben E. King to R.E.M. to Heart. And of course, and various times over the years, their paths have crossed quite a bit, always making waves and leading to calls for a grand scale reunion. Dare I even bother saying “Yet” anymore? I think even Page has given up that ghost at this point.

Though the article is a long read, it’s broken up in gallery format and I think it came out really well. Check it out here, or watch below for the last time the three got back together under the Led Zeppelin banner, performing “Kashmir.”

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