69 to 99 Moving Finds: Part One

“Moving sucks” is an oft-repeated phrase which I can’t add to in any way.I’m currently in the midst of leaving a place I’ve been in for 10 years. That’s a large chunk of time. Certainly the longest I’ve ever been in one place for any one period of time. Hell, maybe ever.

My old address is 69…moving to 99.

I’m digging up some things I haven’t seen in quite awhile that I thought would be interesting to post and reminisce briefly about. An early business card is up first, story behind it after the jump.

OG Business Card MC

Getting ready to graduate in college in 2001, business cards were the topic one day while sitting around the Temple News newspaper offices. We all kind of figured we’d have to get some ordered, and a lot of us didn’t have a particular place (i.e. JOB) that was going to provide them.

Musing about what title we would use (simply “writer” sounded to generic), Kristen Graham, who used to be the paper’s News Editor but had graduated by then, suggested, “Michael Christopher: Rock Star” and “Michael Christopher: Pretentious Writer.” Both were jokes, but for some reason I thought “Pretentious Writer” was a good idea. Vista Print had very few image choices then, you certainly couldn’t upload your own, and I thought using “How soon is now?” from the Smiths’ song fit perfectly with the stopwatch, and showed people I had fantastic music taste.

Many people thought it was funny when I would hand it to them. Many more people thought it was, well, “pretentious.” I still smile when I think about it. To this day, I have one friend who calls – and introduces me as – “Pretentious Writer.” I honestly don’t think he has ever called me by my name. It’s always the full title or just, “Pretentious.”

Also, Kristen Graham went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. So I feel pretty good about accepting her idea.


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