Prince and the ‘Batman’ Soundtrack: A Roundtable

Prince and the ‘Batman’ Soundtrack: A Roundtable

Earlier this month, the folks behind Ultimate Classic Rock launched a site dedicated to all things Prince, aptly dubbed Ultimate Prince. It’s a deep repository of reviews, criticisms and news surrounding the life and death of the Purple One, and this week I took part in a roundtable to discuss the curiosity that is Prince’s soundtrack to the 1989 Batman film.

A group of us talked about how it stands up 30 years later, what the best songs are and how it might have been different with other compositions included and, perhaps most importantly, what to make of the song “Batdance.”


‘Even Gods Must Die’

It was announced this week that the 15 year running River Gods in Cambridge, MA would be shuttering its doors for good. This came a a massive disappointment to many in the area, as it was a place which had great food, a better atmosphere and music for anyone’s taste. Each night featured a different DJ doing a different kind of music or theme. Dream pop. Soul. Deep house. Electronic. Vintage Rock and Roll.

I started off there partnering up with Jed Gottlieb of the Boston Herald doing “Prom Nights.” The way it was setup was to take a high school name from a famous film and play the music from the era in which it was set. For instance, ‘Prom Night: Lee High School, 1976’ took the high school name of Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, and we spun rock and roll from the mid-70s.

Fun times.

Eventually I started coming up with my own nights, first doing soul and funk, calling it ‘Cold Sweat,’ then kicking it up a few notches with rock dubbed ‘It Might Get Loud,’ but nothing too crazy. Eventually I started doing an ‘Across the Pond’ theme which fully allowed me to embrace Brtipop and anything else from Europe. The sets were accompanied by images and film shown on a big blank wall, like when doing a funk night, I’d have The Night James Brown Saved Boston playing along with the music. I’m gonna miss that hot, tiny little booth that overlooked the Central Square crowd of revelers.

Here’s a flyer I did for the last Across the Pond event, and after the jump are some of my additional favorites.

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Voltage Factory Playlist 21 APR 16

What an absolutely devastating day yesterday was as the world received the news that Prince had been found dead at Paisley Park. He was just 57 years old. So, so many thoughts on this tragedy, the loss of one of the greatest musicians ever known.

Here’s a piece I did for The Daily Times about it.

No matter what I had planned for last night’s edition of The Voltage Factory on VanyaRadio went out the window immediately. It was time to pay tribute to a great one – perhaps the greatest. The celebration of Prince’s music was cathartic and the response was incredibly positive.

There’s an opportunity to hear it again as the Voltage Factory will repeat tonight at 8:00pm EST and rebroadcast at its normally scheduled time Monday at 10:00pm EST.

The playlist is below after the jump.



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