‘Even Gods Must Die’

It was announced this week that the 15 year running River Gods in Cambridge, MA would be shuttering its doors for good. This came a a massive disappointment to many in the area, as it was a place which had great food, a better atmosphere and music for anyone's taste. Each night featured a different... Continue Reading →

No More “Purple Rain”…Please

There's been more than a dozen high profile covers of the song "Purple Rain" since Prince was found dead last week. There's been hundreds more around the world. It's time to stop. Dearly beloved...the man had more songs than the epic ballad that you're probably butchering anyway. Check out an article I did about the... Continue Reading →

Voltage Factory Playlist 21 APR 16

What an absolutely devastating day yesterday was as the world received the news that Prince had been found dead at Paisley Park. He was just 57 years old. So, so many thoughts on this tragedy, the loss of one of the greatest musicians ever known. Here's a piece I did for The Daily Times about... Continue Reading →

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