Bradley Jay on Travel, Woodstock ’99 and the Post Punk of Bridge Bender

When I was doing promotion for my Depeche Mode book, I was linked up with Bradley Jay through mutual friends. A longtime Boston radio staple, Jay and I clicked pretty instantly over music, with him a fellow aficionado of all things synthpop. When he decided to launch his own post punk duo, Bridge Bender, I knew that it wasn’t going to be some half-assed project by some DJ trying to make it on the other side of the microphone.

The Bridge Bender debut effort, Hotel Bar, is an excellent slice of synth-heavy post-punk, with Jay doing all the music and a good bit of vocals along with his bandmate Future Suzi. The LP’s release was a perfect time for me to sit down and do a proper Vanyaland 617 Q&A with him, one where we not only discussed his new music endeavor, but all of the world traveling he does and reports on via his Bradley Jay Travel channel on YouTube.

Jay is such an interesting guy, so be sure to check out the piece, as well as his latest video for Bridge Bender, “Sarajevans Say.”

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