35 Years Ago: Alice Cooper Makes a Comeback with ‘Constrictor’

Back when I was a wee lad, I thought Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives was one of the greatest films ever made. What can I say? Back then all I needed was some jump scares, ridiculously obscene kills, a fitting soundtrack and I was sold. The year after it came out, it ran almost endlessly on PRISM, Philly’s then premium cable channel, especially late Friday and Saturday nights. I cannot accurately estimate how many times I rewatched the slasher flick – it was madness.

The aforementioned soundtrack featured three Alice Cooper songs. Two of them appeared on Constrictor, his 1986 comeback album and delicious slice of mid-80s pop metal cheese. Even the goofiest numbers, like “Thrill My Gorilla,” were a blast to listen to. The summer of 1987, my childhood best friend and I played it endlessly. This week, the LP turned 35 and over at Ultimate Classic Rock, I took a look back at it.

Definitely a product of its time, Constrictor still has a special place in my musical history, and I immensely enjoyed listening back to it over the past couple weeks whilst researching the article, which can be read here. And check out the artwork for Alice’s single and theme to Jason Lives below.

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