Van Halen’s ‘Fair Warning’: A Track-by-Track Guide

According to the most hardcore of Van Halen fans, the fourth album, Fair Warning, is unquestionably their best. It’s pretty safe to say I fall into that lot, so it only made sense for me to do a track-by-track of the record for Ultimate Classic Rock.

The piece can be found here, but it’s worth noting that while many thought it would prove to be the end of the group with David Lee Roth, there was quite a bit left in the tank in that iteration. Eddie Van Halen was pissed and frustrated for sure, but they still made each original on Diver Down so, so good and – well – what can you say about 1984 that hasn’t been already dissected over and over?

Check out what I wrote, or just view one of the best videos of the Mighty Van Halen live from that era, and a song from Fair Warning, “Hear About It Later”:

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