Sunday Groove: Séamus Egan – ‘Weep Not for the Memories’

Yesterday marked the last time St. Patrick’s Day will be on a Saturday until 2029, leaving all the amateurs in a tough spot when it comes from figuring out how to balance their vomit-inducing pub crawls with a much-needed day of rest afterward. To wit, this will create some sadness, but here’s a Sunday Groove which may soften the blow a bit.

Not a ton of people are aware that Sarah McLachlan’s massive hit “I Will Remember You” has its roots deep in an instrumental composition from Séamus Egan. She used the track “Weep Not for the Memories” as the basis for her composition, adding lyrics written by herself and Dave Merenda.

“I Will Remember You” initially appeared on the soundtrack to the 1995 indie-film The Brothers McMullen, but didn’t become a hit for McLachlan until it was re-released as a live version from her 1999 concert album Mirrorball.

YouTube and Spotify of the track after the jump.

[Featured photo: James Cagney on piano]

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