Record Store Dud 2016

Well that was even more disappointing than I originally thought it would be. Rolled down to Newbury Comics on Newbury Street first thing this morning, greeted with a line of about 50 people. First off, that’s too many, which is why I’ve been going to Bull Moose in Portland, ME for the past five years. Other than that, it was just a “blah” selection this year. Nothing incredibly rare, nothing that wouldn’t still be on the shelves a month or a year from now. I picked up more for my friends than I did myself which is a first.

Hit three stores total, including Deep Thoughts JP, who it turned out were holding back vinyl to resell at higher prices or for the owner’s friends. So much for the “Record Store Day Pledge.” Dishonesty like that really creases me, but I would’ve been much more pissed had there actually been something they were holding back that was worth something; I mean, that single copy of Hoist by Phish you’re hoarding? Good luck making coin on that one, stoner – there were about 15 of them at Newbury Comics Faneuil Hall.

Sought out the limited 10″ by PINS of their new song “Trouble,” but when I asked for it the sales associates looked at me like I had an 8-Track for a head.

“Pinback you mean?”

“You’re looking for pins? We have a bunch for free over on that table!”
“No…the band’s name is “PINS.'”

Alas, it looks like the piece was made available only in their native UK. Oh well, at least I got to see them live last night, hopefully will have a photo gallery in the coming days to share.

So is it just me thinking this year might’ve been a bit stale? Over in the UK, The Telegraph seems to posit so, with some recommending the event take a year or so off, and others thinking it’s lost its way in drawing attention to the independent record stores it sought to benefit in the first place. And Fortune is reporting what had to be expected once vinyl sales started taking off again; the labels are jacking up the prices to ridiculous amounts for new releases. Seriously – $50 for the new Lana Del Rey? No thanks.

It wasn’t a complete loss; I did end up landing the Piero Umiliani score for the Klaus Kinski film La Legge Dei Gangsters. Movie? Ehhh. Music? Excellent.


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