Double Talkin’ Jive

By design, I ended up in Las Vegas for a few days to catch the first “official” show of the Guns N’ Roses reunion tour. What a trip that town is. Never really been a fan, in fact the only time I spent an extended period there was with an ex whose parents had a timeshare nearby.

It truly is a destination filled with hopelessness and decadence, and I’m not sure if one of them is better than the other. Thankfully, I’m not a big gambler at all and never really got into the hookers and blow scene, so it doesn’t hold any particular temptation for me.

Weather was weird; rainy and unseasonably cool. So I went to the Houdini Magic Shop and avoided being swindled by wannabe magicians. Stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in the HRH Tower, took expensive cabs and saw an incredible reunion by one of the most dangerous bands in music history.

Check out my article over at Vanyaland.

A flashing neon GnR logo used as one of the backdrop images during the show.

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