30 Years Ago: Aerosmith Party On with ‘Wayne’s World’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’

The popularity of  'Wayne's World' on Saturday Night Live was through the roof in 1990, and with Aerosmith at the height of their comeback that started a few years earlier when they collaborated with Run-DMC on a remake of "Walk This Way," it was a perfect storm for them to get together. Mike Myers, the... Continue Reading →

35 Years Ago: ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ Ride Into the Sunset

Today marks 35 years since those "good 'ol boys" from Hazzard County went on their last ride - at least until the reunion specials and feature films started happening. Over at Ultimate Classic Rock, I take a look at the last episode of the series, which was massively popular in the late 70s and early... Continue Reading →

35 Years Ago ‘Happy Days’ Said Goodbye

Following an 11 season run, Happy Days said goodbye to television audiences back in the spring of 1984. The sitcom that introduced The Fonz and the inspired the phrase "jump the shark" into the pop culture lexicon had begun to drop substantially in the ratings as many major characters left as the actors portraying them... Continue Reading →

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