‘There’s No Ending When We Die’

‘There’s No Ending When We Die’

It was 1994 and the majority of my musical diet consisted of mostly everything my grandparents wouldn’t be into. If it didn’t involve a pit, encouragement to jump on and launch myself off a stage in a concert setting, I was likely spinning it less regularly. The songs that would emanate from my upstairs bedroom at their house upon waking, showering, heading out for the afternoon or the night were tailor made for driving neighbors nuts, as well as the home where I was residing.

How was it tolerated then?

Well, said grandparents had seven children before I came into this world, and they had heard it all before. My uncles blasted The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen. My aunts did the same with The Rolling Stones, The Moody Blues and The Doors. Me thinking I was pushing the envelope with Pantera elicited yawns.

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Voltage Factory Playlist 15 APR 16

I’ve been hosting a weekly radio show on VanyaRadio for a year and a half now. It’s two hours long and runs Thursday nights from 8:00pm – 10:00pm EST and focuses on the louder side of music – thought not always earsplitting. I spin a bunch of new music and trending tracks.

Each week varies greatly, but there are a few constants and often a theme. There’s always a Classic Album Spotlight, which is usually timely, such as on a milestone anniversary. I also do a Killer Cover, a double-shot and something from what I call the #VoltVault, a rarity of some sort that I’ve got in my vast musical library.

The day after a new show runs, I’ll be posting the playlist here. There’s also an opportunity to hear it again as the Voltage Factory repeats the following Monday at 10:00pm EST.

This week’s playlist is below after the jump.


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