30 Years Ago: Van Halen Enter the 90s with ‘Poundcake’

Come the late spring of 1991, it had been just over three years since a new album by Van Halen was released. It was long overdue then when the single "Poundcake" dropped ahead of the upcoming For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge LP that June. Starting with the sound of a drill raking over the strings of... Continue Reading →

30 Years Ago: Jimmy Page Jams with Lake Tahoe Locals Over Memorial Day Weekend

One of the fascinating stories I discovered in recent years was how Jimmy Page jumped onstage with a couple of different bar bands in Lake Tahoe back in 1991 while he was there to work on material with David Coverdale for their collaboration together. Versed in the history of all things Led Zeppelin as I... Continue Reading →

Portrayal on The Simpsons Has Morrissey Furious

It’s typically an honor to be parodied in one way or the other on The Simpsons, but legendary alt-rock moper Morrissey thinks otherwise following the long-running cartoon taking deep aim at his career, beliefs and lifestyle this past Sunday. It’s made for one of the most controversial episodes in the program’s history. For those unfamiliar,... Continue Reading →

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